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Discuss tasks


  • To discuss a task, you must either be assigned to it or be a moderator or manager of the project.
  • You cannot discuss tasks in a campaign if that campaign is in a Closed or Archived state.

If you are a contributor assigned to the task, a moderator or a manager member, the comments icon button is displayed, in the upper right corner in various locations such as:

Comments icon button displayed on various pages

For managers and moderators, you can also find a link to access the task discussion on the task list page.

List of tasks for moderators or managers

When annotating, moderating or even simply viewing a task, some questions and remarks may arise. The task discussion page is useful to communicate between contributors, moderators and managers and closely collaborate on your documents.

One can use the dedicated input indicated by the Type your comment here... placeholder and the Comment button to start or participate in the task discussion.

This is the right place to:

  • report any problem occurring during the annotation,
  • ask questions to power users about the campaign instructions,
  • provide feedback to contributors during the moderation phase,
  • etc.

Task discussion


  • Participants will automatically receive an email to inform them of a new comment in a discussion they are part of.
  • If the commenting user is a contributor, all project managers, even the ones which are not part of the discussion, will also receive an email.