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Cloning the source code

As Callico is open-source, you do not need any authentication to retrieve its source code. However, if you wish to work on Callico source code and submit patches, you will need to authenticate yourself, and register on Teklia's GitLab instance.

GitLab setup

We assume you already have:

  • A working git client installation on your computer;
  • An SSH key to authenticate yourself on a GitLab instance.

You can find more information in the official GitLab documentation.

Sign up on Teklia's GitLab instance

At Teklia, we use GitLab to host all our source code, work as a team, build and ship our projects, etc.

You can sign up on Teklia's GitLab instance here.

Please note that your account will need to be approved by an administrator which could take up to one business day.

Add your SSH key

Once you are logged into, you need to add your SSH public key to your user account on Teklia's GitLab instance. To do so, you can follow the official GitLab instructions.

Security warning

Do not use HTTPS to clone a repository, it will require you to type your GitLab password when cloning/pushing.

Activate 2FA

To gain and keep access on Callico's GitLab repository as a contributor, your GitLab account must be protected with Multiple Factor Authentication (generally using one time passwords generated from your phone).

You will need to setup an app like Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile on your phone, and then follow these steps.


  • If you do not complete the 2FA initial activation within 48 hours of creating your account, it will be automatically disabled.

Cloning the repository

To clone Callico's source code, which allows you to run a local instance of Callico, develop and test your own code, simply run the following command:

git clone

You can now follow the developer mode documentation to find out how to get a working local instance of Callico, and start writing your own code.