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Configure an Elements campaign

You can create Elements campaigns in order to draw and create new elements of given types on your documents.

Configuration parameters

After having filled out the generic configuration parameters, you need to select the element types that will be available for element creation.

Available element types

Available types are retrieved from the object your Callico project is linked to on its external provider. If your campaign's Callico project is linked to an Arkindex project, the available types to select from are all the element types available on that Arkindex project.

Example annotation task

If the campaign is configured as above, to use text line and text zone as the available element types, then for the contributors the tasks will look like the example below: they can select one of the element types, and then draw elements on the image.

Example task

Polygon borders

In the screenshot above, you can see thin borders in a darker shade of green than the drawn polygons. These borders surround the polygons and will therefore not be exported at the same time as the drawn elements.

To prevent your contributors from drawing polygons that will be too small, you can specify this information in your campaign instructions.

Once your campaign is configured, you can create tasks to start gathering annotations on your documents.