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Browse elements in a project


You must be a moderator or a manager of the project to browse its elements.

If you are a member with moderator or manager role, the Browse action is displayed in the section named Elements from the menu on the left of the project details page.

Project details page

Once elements are imported from Arkindex the application offers a minimal navigation among them.

While browsing folder elements, you can:

  • access their children,
  • list their associated tasks.

Browsing a folder element associated to a task

While browsing non-folder elements, you can:

  • view their details,
  • list their associated tasks.

Browsing a non-folder element associated to tasks


  • Elements which refer to an image sub-part (e.g. a single line on a page) are not visible or browsable from this interface.
  • If you try to access a contributor's annotation task (from a link), you will be redirected to the element details page.