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View a process details


You must be a manager of the project to view the details of a specific process.

If you are a member with manager role, the View details button is displayed next to each process on the process list.

List of processes

Project managers can view details of a process linked to a project through its details page, where you can see:

  • its name,
  • its mode,
  • the user who created it,
  • its status,
  • when it started, if it has started,
  • when it ended, if it has ended,
  • its logs, which are useful to debug any issue and summarize what happened during its execution.

Process details page

In addition, if a process has just been created or is currently running, a Stop button is displayed next to its status, allowing you to terminate its execution.

Please note, however, that stopping a process will not cancel any actions that have already been performed by that process.

For example, if you stop an import process after it has already imported 3 folder elements out of 10, these 3 folders will not be deleted from your project.