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Configure a Transcription campaign

You can create a Transcription campaign in order to transcribe your documents, or to correct existing transcriptions that were imported from the project's provider.

Configuration parameters

After having filled out the generic configuration parameters, you need to select the types of the elements to be transcribed.

Available types are retrieved from the object your Callico project is linked to on its external provider. If your campaign's Callico project is linked to an Arkindex project, the available types to select from are all the element types available on that Arkindex project.

Transcription campaign configuration

You can also check the Group the transcription inputs for a lighter display during annotation checkbox, which lightens the transcription interface and is particularly useful when only one element type is selected to be transcribed, as demonstrated in the images below, which first show the ungrouped then the grouped display.

Ungrouped transcriptions

Grouped transcriptions

Task creation details

When creating annotation tasks, the Element type you select to create them can be the same as the type you have selected during campaign configuration (the type of the elements to transcribe) or be a different element type.

For example, in the images above, the type of the elements to transcribe is text line and the element type for task creation is page: each page displays its text line children to transcribe.

With the same campaign configuration, but selecting text line as the element type during task creation, a contributor's task would look like this instead:

Single element task


If using the same element type to create tasks as the type of the elements to transcribe, there is no point in checking the Grouped transcription inputs checkbox, as each task will display a single element to transcribe.

Once your campaign is configured, you can create tasks to start gathering annotations on your documents.