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Configure a Classification campaign

You can create a Classification campaign in order to classify documents or elements on these documents.


You can only create Classification campaigns on projects that have classes. Whether or not a project has classes depends on the information retrieved from the project's provider which can be set when creating a project or later from its edition page.

Configuration parameters

After having filled out the generic configuration parameters, including the optional Context ancestor type parameter, you need to select the classes that will be available to annotate items in your campaign.

Available classes

Available classes are retrieved from the object your Callico project is linked to on its external provider. If your campaign's Callico project is linked to an Arkindex project, the classes to select from are all the classes available on that Arkindex project.

Example annotation task

When contributors annotate a task, the selected classes are displayed in alphabetical order.

A classification task

Keyboard shortcuts

In the screenshot above, the numbers next to the classes correspond to keyboard shortcuts the contributor can use to annotate. For example, to annotate the displayed text line as a Row, the contributor can hit the 3 key instead of clicking on the class name.

Once your campaign is configured, you can create tasks to start gathering annotations on your documents.